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Requesting Help P8H61-M LE CSM B3 DSDT Patching


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Hello Folks I have been trying to use DSDT Patcher and download various patch however no luck in getting this motherboard to work.

This is my Spec

Motherboard from http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131724

The board is:


****Realtek® ALC887 sound chip*****

Intel i5 2400

8GB ram

NVidia GTX 460 SE


I am including the DSLs I extract with DSDTEditor.

There are 2 file the 1st is extracted and Save as.

Then I compiled/auto fix error and save the DSL again.



I have tried various patch from http://olarila.com/forum/patches.php

tried to apply multiple different version like olarila.com/Packs/Asus/P8H61 M LE.txt and so on

Nothing so far successful. All end up w/ KP and require the use of Null Kext.


If anyone have experience plz help out,

If you have the same board and have a working DSDT please send a copy toward my way.


Thank you for reading.


I think i forgot to atttatch the file


There we go.


Thank you.

P8H61-M LE CSM B3 DSL.zip

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Thank you for reply, raoul!


Deep sleep (hibernation) is working now for my

ASUS P8H61-M LE/USB3 (I had to recompile Chameleon with applying special patch).


Unfortunately my system can't wake after regular sleep (hibernatemode = 0).


Probably you could share your DSDT (I'm not using DSDT now)?

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I didn't change anything in chameleon. The trick is to find a similar portion of code in your original dsdt.aml


Method (_PTS, 1, NotSerialized)
	If (LEqual (Arg0, 0x05)) {}
		Store (0x80000008, \_SB.PINX)
		\_SB.ISMI (0x90)
		Store (Arg0, DBG8)
		If (LAnd (LEqual (Arg0, 0x04), LEqual (OSFL (), 0x02)))
			Sleep (0x0BB8)
		PTS (Arg0)
		Store (Zero, Index (WAKP, Zero))
		Store (Zero, Index (WAKP, One))
		Store (ASSB, WSSB)
		Store (AOTB, WOTB)
		Store (AAXB, WAXB)
		Store (Arg0, ASSB)
		Store (OSFL (), AOTB)
		Store (Zero, AAXB)
		Store (One, \_SB.SLPS)


and to replace with


Method (_PTS, 1, NotSerialized)
	Store (0x90, \_SB.SMIC)
	Store (Arg0, DBG8)
	If (LNotEqual (Arg0, 0x05))
		Store (One, \_SB.PCI0.SBRG.PS1S)
		Store (One, \_SB.PCI0.SBRG.PS1E)


I attach both files, but the best would be to make your own dsdt.

1) Use "dsdt editor" to extract yours., and modify it like i wrote

2) patch your system with "speedstepper"

3) remove null....kext

4) add GenerateCStates and GeneratePStates in boot.plist


Good luck.


P.S: Why (and what) do you change your chameleon loader ?????


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Big thank you!!! I'll give it a try!!!

I had to recompile chameleon because of message "Incorrect message header": by default chameleon reads sleepimage as 10.6 (or older) image!

In order to force him load lion's image properly I had to recompile it with fixes!

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It works!!!

Thank you very much!


1. I haven't modified your DSDT.aml yet (but replacing HDEF -> AZAL, because I have no idea how to force original AppleHDA work).

2. I use modded BIOS from http://bios4asus.blogspot.com/, so I can use original AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.


Is it possible to use original AppleHDA (now I'm using VoodooHDA)?

My OSX version is 10.7.3.

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