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HP Pavilion HPE-180t CMOS Reset


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os 10.7 ? which rtc patch .. theres 2 or 3.

i see this rtc

				Device (RTC0)
				Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0B00"))
				Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate ()
					IO (Decode16,
						0x0070,			 // Range Minimum
						0x0070,			 // Range Maximum
						0x00,			   // Alignment
						0x02,			   // Length

what does original look like ?

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I fixed it by applying the following patch to AppleRTC.kext:


sudo perl -pi -e 's|\x8b\x45\xc8\x39\x45\xcc\x74\x0b|\x8b\x45\xc8\x39\x45\xcc\xeb\x0b|;
s|\x8b\x45\xb4\x39\x45\xb8\x74\x08|\x8b\x45\xb4\x39\x45\xb8\xeb\x08|' <AppleRTC binary>


I did this to a copy of AppleRTC.kext from the install flash drive. And then copied the copy into place.

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