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Asus k50af AMD Athlon X2 ATI HD 5145 3D 4570


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Hi! I have a laptop Asus k50af to make Hackintosh, please help me!!! I was installed OSX86 but my Wi-Fi, LAN and VGA not run. You can help me please???


I go to try with iatkos_s3_v2 but i don't remember the customization I was used


If you can help me, do it. Tanks for all!!! :)






ACPI x64-based PC


Windows 7 Ultimate


CPU Dual Core AMD Athlon X2 QL-21, 2100 MHz (10.5 x 200)


Chipset AMD 780G/780V/790GX, AMD K10


RAM 3072 MB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)


BIOS AMI (07/21/10)


ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145 (512 MB)


3D ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 (M92)


Monitor Generic PnP Monitor [NoDB]




Sound: VIA VT1708S @ ATI SB700 - High Definition Audio Controller


Sound usb: M-Audio Mobile pre


IDE AMD SATA Controller




WDC WD32 00BEVT-80A0RT0 SATA Disk Device (298 GB)







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first thing to remind, your cpu is not supported, so must always use legacy_kernel.


about the graphics, have you 2 cards? if so try disable on bios one of them.


and use ahci or sata mode in your bios.


if you have video problems in install try this in boot


-v GraphicsEnabler=No


good hack

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Tanks partner

I Know AMD not supported, so must always I use legacy_kernel. qoopz 10.3.0 It is ok?

about the graphics, don't have 2 cards! It is a description excuse me it is Hd 5145.

I have to use ahci or sata mode in my bios and via item too??

I run video with -v, the command GraphicsEnabler=No I don't have idea that exist, tanks!


Tanks for: good hack. I have to tried!


What is a good configuration?? please paste a photo like this:





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i don't like distros, my advice is to use 10.6.3 retail (the real thing) and nawcom modcd




os x to boot


a boot loader (chameleon)


only need a kernel in your case legacy_kernel






and the kext for keyboard and mouse


any boot cd have this






is after the system installed

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Thankyou man for gimme the red pill. I wanna see where to goes the rabbit hole.


Iwill follow your advice! What I do with them?? I have all this:


2073-nawcomBootCD.iso 73mb


2073-OSX86_ModCD-031111-171757.iso 75.3mb


2073-OSX86_ModUSB.pkg.zip 39mb


MacOS X 10.6.3 retail.iso 8Gb


A boot loader(chameleon v2 rc5) is really installed on my system


What kernel I need? In my casea legacy_kernel is vanilla? Or qoopz 10.3.0 is well?


Fakesmc, nullcpupowermanagementand the kext for keyboard and mouse


(Any boot cd has this kext?) Butwere I have to put these kext to install I don’t understand much! Sorry!


Sound and graphics will installis after the system installed. I understand tanks!


Forgive me if I write badly. MyEnglish is slowly evolving. Thanks for being there!


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Hi! I listen a music, but no video guys. All is black!

But if I tried -v GraphicsEnabler=On the Apple logo is there.... forever

If I tried -x -v dont run anyway!

What I can do?

1 I was created a guid table partiction

2 I boot from mod cd and change the disk to osx + f5.....

3 I push the key escape and all run. wtf?

4 the installer is from me

5 All is run ok an the computer is rebooted!

6 I boot from HDisk and nothin. all is fall!

7 Help me please!!

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Tank you very much, Obrigado¡¡¡ Gracias¡¡¡

I run my OSX86 from modcd, I can-t install very well Chameleon¡

My wifi Atheros Ar 9285 not run And my ATi hd5145 run in vga but I will fine.

The modcd is magic, Only I disabled graphics enable in customize menu.

Men¡ You are The King¡¡¡

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