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The new Thunderbolt Cinema Display

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So... I've dug around and didn't find too much hope for my question, but here it goes.


Can I connect the new thunderbolt cinema display to my pc laptop? What about a 2010 macbook pro? I read reviews saying it can be done connecting it to a pc through an adapter, but I have yet to find anything.


Anyone have any info on this?

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I have had a quick look into the thunderbolt display for non thunderbolt devices just recently and it looks like they won't work. Macrumors has a article regarding the multi monitor support which mentions what's supported.



The rumors you heard are probably regarding to using a Apple cinema display and thunderbolt display, the ACD only works when you have it after in the daisy chain to a thunderbolt device eg.


computer (thunderbolt) --> display (thunderbolt) --> display (non-thunderbolt)


computer (thunderbolt) --> External HHD (thunderbolt) --> display (non-thunderbolt)

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