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<h2 class="page-title">Launchpad-Control</h2> Launchpad-Icon.pngAlready upgraded to Mac OS X Lion? Yes? Well then you certainly know Launchpad, the “home for your apps” like Apple says.


A huge disadvantage of Launchpad is that every app located in your /Applications folder is shown. That means that you will see little helper programs like uninstallers or updaters, too. These apps can’t be hidden from Launchpad easily because Apple does not provide any preference pane or tool to do so.


That’s why I developed:




128.pngLaunchpad-Control is a small tool which allows you to easily hide/unhide apps (and groups) from Launchpad in Mac OS X Lion.


Please feel free to distribute and talk about this app on blogs, twitter or websites. I would really appreciate that.




  • It’s a system preference pane (update v1.1).
  • Displays a table with all apps that are in Launchpad in the correct order.
  • Checkboxes for every app allow you to remove an app by easily ticking a checkbox.
  • No duplicate entries (update v1.2).
  • Checks automatically for updates (update v1.2).
  • You are now able to make a full reset of your database in case anything went wrong.
  • You can now hide whole pages with just one click (update v1.3)!
  • It’s completely free!

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I've used Lion, and one of the reasons I stayed away from it was Launchpad and the inability to organize your applications folder the way you want to. I installed a lot of applications and launchpad turned into a nightmare for me, even though I did like the idea.


Eventually, I found an application that is sort of like launchpad, but gives you great flexibility. You can use it in Snow Leopard or Lion and it's called quickpick. I really love it because it lets you customize everything from the spacing, icon size to font size, application names, shortcuts, whatever you want.


Do look into it. I think its a lot better than launchpad IMO

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