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[SOLVED] Highpoint RocketRAID 2721

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Hi All


I cannot get my new HighPoint RockedRAID 2721 RaidController to work...

Here my setup:


Asus Sabertooth P67

Core i7 2600k

1. PCIe Slot: GeForce 9800GT

2. PCIe Slot: RockedRaid 2721 Controller

OS X 10.7 installed with Andy's boot cd


The controller does not show up on the system info. I have installed the driver from the Highpoint page but it dosent work...


Any idea ?




PS. sorry about my bad english !

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    •   Here you go  https://www.sendspace.com/file/b5iijx It's a shame the forum only allows 10MB.
    • So you're saying the card works in macOS without the cable attached to the motherboard's TB header?   I wonder if it would be possible to add a TB card to my X79 system? I assumed it wasn't possible because there's no TB header on the board.
    • True, my card is not displayed now in the bios, but it works perfectly in MacOS! I do not use windows, so it's not a problem.   Try activating the 4G Decoding in the bios and check that the ACPI Thunderbolt paths are the same as those in the SSDT even now.
    • AFAIK, the THB_C header on the motherboard has nothing to do with USB. It's a GPIO, though its use is undocumented.   On Gigabyte x299 and ASRock at least, if you do not connect the THB header, then the TB card won't activate at all, and the BIOS will not show a Thunderbolt entry...   I'm rather amazed that it would work for you in macOS, I'm 99.99% sure your TB is now broken in windows however (and the TB card won't even appear)...   I'm on a different problem now, since I added a 2nd nvidia 1080Ti, just having the TB SSDT causes a kernel panic at boot
    • I dont have a DSDT.aml. Why is it im getting Kernel panic if i use Clover's ACPI>DSDT>Fixes>FakeLPC The rest of the Fixes bits are Ok. It does the same even i only select FakeLPC