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External USB-Sound-Card and the Hackintosh


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Hey Guys, :)


i'm using a hackintosh since one of the early 10.5 iDeneb-releases. One of the first things i tried was to make my extermal soundcard work. A Terratec DMX 6fire USB. But it didn't work. At this time i thought that the drivers just don't like Leopard, because on my (original) MacBook (4,1) running 10.6 it worked fine with it.


Now i "upgraded" (means a clean install without a TimeMachine-restore) my Hackintosh to 10.7.2 (First the iAtkos 10.7.1-DVD, afterwards the 10.7.2 Combo-Update). I tried again to connect my external soundcard. Again without any success. This time i thought 10.7 is too new to be supported by the drivers. But surprise: On my MacBook (still 4,1 but now also running 10.7.2, just upgraded no clean install) it worked fine.


Am i running in that 64-bit-knife, or may that be something else? How do i figure out which of my machines run in 64-bit mode? I'd be really happy if you could help me or maybe just give me a hint!





My Hackintosh-Hardware:

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3

Intel Core2Quad Q6600

7 GB DDR2-RAM (3x 2GB + 1x 1GB) @ 667 Mhz

GeForce 8800GTS G92

500GB Seagate-HDD (SATAII)


2 DVD-Writer (IDE)

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