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Failed to install as virtual machine


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I am trying to install the osx86 from a file called Marklar-Tiger-patch.iso. I tried installing it on vmware and I am prompted to press any key soon after the bois screen, then I get the grey screen with the mac logo, then I get another mac generated page prompting me to restart the virtual machine. My machine is an AMD Sempron 2500+


When I try to use the virtual machine 2004 from m$oft, I get something worse. After the initial prompt to press any key, I get some processor error and the whole thing crashes, gives me a prompt to restart.


I am sure that vmware is quite close because I was just prompted to restart, but when I do restart, the same thing happens.


Please help me. I can only install it as a virtual machine now because only one of my 2 pcs has a dvd drive and the older one is an old hp p2 266mhz.


Is anyone else familiar with the Marklar-Tiger-patch.iso file. Please tell me if you have had this problem, and how to solve it.





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