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Netbookinstaller no longer patching my kernel, I think

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I'm having to rebuild my Asus 1000HE and have got it running 10.6.7.

Everything is fine...except at some point, I began getting the KP complaining about the unsupported CPU. I've been using the recovery=y to get the system up and monkeying around with things to fix this, but what I've found now is that:

NetbookInstaller (.8.4-RC1) is crashing when I have both the top two options selected (Install Chameleon 2 NBI bootloader & Install GE)...shortly after the GMA950 part.

If I only choose the top option (bootloader) it completes successfully though.

If I choose ONLY the second option (Install GE) it crashes.

I've downloaded fresh copies of NBI, but it continues to crash now - this wasn't happening originally.



I'd patch the kernel myself, but I've never had to do this and am not sure how much trouble it would be compared to trying to diagnose the NBI failure.


Any ideas?

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