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Marvell 88SX7042 4 Port SATA II support (Digitus 30104 PCI-E card)

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Hi all,


I' trying to get my Digitus 30104 4-Port SATA II PCI-E card running under Lion 10.7.2


First of all, here's some info on the card:



It uses a Marvell 88SX7042 chip. There is no OSX support.


The card appears to be identical to these cards according to specs and images:


I found two drivers for OSX that come with cards that use the same chip:

  • sonnet tempo sata e4i
    This card looks very similar (but misses the 2 eSATA ports and the jumpers to activate them). Furthermore, some review on Newegg mentions, that a Rosewill RC-218 (see above) is detected in Windows 7 as this card.
  • HighPoint RocketRaid
    They have some cards of the 23xx series, which use a 88SX7042 and have native support in Lion (HighPointRR.kext). However, none of them looks similar.


I followed this guide on kext editing:



I figured out the PNPID is 0x704211AB


First attempt: Modifying HighPointRR.kext

See attachment for resulting kext.

With the PNPID, the card is detected.

Unfortunately, connected SATA hard drives are not detected.

I didn't find any errors in the system log files.


Second attempt: Modifying SonnetSATA.kext

I extracted the SonnetSATA.kext from the driver packet that came from the official website.


Apart from injecting the PNPID, I removed the secondary device match stuff from the info.plist.

See attachment for resulting kext.

This version detects the card and connected hard drives.

The log says:

kernel: SonnetSATA::init 2.2.6, © 2004-2010 Sonnet Technologies, Inc.
kernel: SonnetSATA::detectDeviceType@0: Marvell 88SX7042 detected Disk Drive ST2000DL003-9VT166 CC32 6YD0GV3L

However, the problem is that the drives appear as "not initialized".

(I tested with a drive GUID and a single HFS+ partition with data and a drive with GUID and a single NTFS partition, which worked fine under Windows 7)

When I use DiskUtil, to initialize and partition the drive (GUID and single HFS+ partition), it gets stuck at "waiting for volumes to be displayed" (or similar - it's a rough translation from the German UI)

No errors are reported.


At this point I a stuck. I got the feeling, I am really close. It's probably only some minor tweak of the settings - but I have no idea where and what to change.


Any suggestions are welcome. Perhaps some of you owns one of these cards and could try him/herself.






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I just verified that the card is working fine under Windows 7 with the current driver provided by SonnetTech.

So where's the problem in Lion? I also tried earlier driver version (2.2.1 is the 1st that supports Lion) but all with the same result.

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