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Dockbar is gone, Finder is AWOL.

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iPC OSx86 Leopard 10.5.6 build, AMD processor


I did it when this iPC build first came out, so that would maybe be a couple of years ago? Consequently, much of the technical memories and install factoids have been wiped from my mental hard disk.


A few months ago, I got a kernal panic and rebooted. When it came back up, my OSX build had a very dibilitating condition. It's been like this ever since.


- The dock bar is gone.

- Any folders, disk images, and .dmg files on my desktop have no visible icons, though the names are still there.

- Any attempts to open any folders, drives, images on the desktop - basically anything that would open in a finder window - does not work.

- Also, the finder is completely gone. So, like, no finder. I run my applications from the Recent Items in the top-right corner Apple menu and also via Spotlight. It's hilarious. This is no way to live.


I figure the best way to fix it would be to reinstall OSX, but it's hard to evacuate my files and documents without a finder. It's also hard to install new programs that would help me develop workarounds.


It's not like I've been working in this impossible state this whole time, the machine has a separate drive that I have XP installed on. But sometimes I need something on my mac drive and it would be quite handy if the thing would work.


Thoughts? Help? Please?

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Check whether appledecrypt.kext or dsmos.kext or fakesmc.kext is loaded ...Any one of those kexts should be loaded during booting..because these kext are used to decrypt the dock ,finder and many more features...

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