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iPhone 4S announced, no iPhone 5

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Possibly the most hotly anticipated iPhone announcement ever, 16 months since the announcement of the iPhone 4 in 2010, Apple has finally announced its successor: the iPhone 4S.


To the surprise of many, no re-designed or visually improved iPhone 5 materialised, and instead the iPhone 4 has been updated and improved with:

  • A5 processor (same as in the iPad 2)
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • GSM & CDMA in one unit
  • Voice recognition through Siri



Arguably Apple is now trailing it's Android counterparts, and potentially won't be releasing another phone for a year now, giving Apple's competitors plenty of time to steal some ground from the market leader. Features currently enjoyed by Android users include:

  • Larger screens
  • NFC (for contactless payments)
  • Thinner handsets
  • microSD expansion
  • Dolby Mobile virtual surround sound



The iPhone 4S will be available to pre-order from this Friday, October 7th, and will be available in black or white and at capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The iPhone 4 will remain in the line-up but at an 8GB capacity. The iPhone 3GS will also be available as a budget option, offered free with a contract.


What do you think of Apple's iPhone 4S? Will you be upgrading or migrating to Android?


Click here to view the article

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Disappointing, where once they lead, now they officially trail, what purpose is there to upgrade to 4GS when one has 4G ??

I too will pass on this one, and wait for next years model....

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Sadly a stopgap effort, not interested in a another glass back and front brick. Apple needs to watch it's back there are some other manufacturers notably Samsung making some very nicely designed kit. Still want a new iPhone to replace the 3GS just not this one, time to lift your game Apple

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I'm still using an iPhone 3G (got to love 3 year contracts). If I can find a well priced used iPhone 4, I'll stay with Apple. Otherwise Android is my new headset. Android has come a long way and their phones look pretty nice.


I guess Apple no longer innovates and pushes the border on technology. Even the MacBook Air isn't this thinnest anymore.

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I'm on Sprint now using an HTC Evo and my upgrade is coming soon, I was looking forward to an Iphone with a screen bigger than 3.5"! This for sure just confirmed that I'm going with the Epic Touch 4g.

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