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Motu 828mk2 no detected


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Hello and sorry for my bad english :gathering:

I have a litte (big) problem...i have installed osx86 10.4.7 jas on my asus p4p800 and all works, except one thing!!

i have bought cometlabs pci firewire card(mac and pc)to install my motu 828mk2 and the pci-firewire card is detected in osx86..i have install motu driver for intel mac 1.4.1 universal binary and when i restart my pc(mac), the motu 828 is not detect in the preference audio panel and no detect in cuemix soft..

My question is : is anyone has install a device like motu or other using a pci-firewire card?

Must i change file in system/library/extensions?

Thank you for answer me.



ps : i have change pci-firewire card and it's the same problem

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