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About SMboard profuct number

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Could someone skilled explain me where the SMboard number comes from in a real Mac computer.

I mean, does the applesmbios.kext take this out the efi (bios) or it is read directly on a chip on the motheboard? If from efi, is this encrypted in efi bios ?

Thanks in advance




Smbios parser report this in raw output :


Apple Inc..Mac.F4208EC 8.PVT.1base.Board.Asset.Tag.part.Component


Does the "base.Board.Asset.Tag.part.Component" means that it is readed directly from the chip board itself ???



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Yes, I have already changed the CPU. Update the firmware of the macmini1,1 to 2,1. (Mac-F4208EC8 to Mac-F4208EAA)


I would like to know if it is possible to change the SMboardproduct number from a macmini1,1 to the one from the macmini2,1 and to really have a native Lion installation. To be clear, I do not speak about the SN, this can be change by software means....

It's not the case if you only change the CPU and upgrade the firmware.

I would like to know if this board product number in osx comes from the bios or if it directly comes from the board chip itself. I mean, where IOregistryexplorer takes this information from...

If this is from the efi chip (bios), one could be desolder the chip and reprogram it with a tweaked dump...

Just the check from Lion installer on the SMboardproduct number avoid to have a native installation.

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