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Keyboard doesn't work after installation?

Ross Carlson

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Just as the subject says. During the installer the keyboard/mouse works great. After install on the first boot up the mouse stops working (this is the integrated touch pointer on my Thinkpad) but the keyboard works just fine (I can fill in all the fields, etc). Once the welcome stuff is done the keyboard continues to work (but no mouse). As soon as I reboot neither work and I have to use a USB mouse/keyboard.


The mouse isn't a huge deal as I have a Bluetooth mouse that is working just great in OS X (this is 10.4.5 BTW) but obviously no keyboard, well, um, sucks. I've read about replacing the PS2 kext but I'm not really sure where to get the "right" one. I have also gone into BIOS and turned off legacy USB support.


Any ideas? I'm reinstalling now so I can get keyboard back for a few and will try to disable Bluetooth - could it be a conflict there? I have read you can't mix USB and PS2 devices but as far as I know I'm not trying to do that (maybe the hardware is doing that...)





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