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Trouble with Burning.

Will Ryan

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Here's the scenario. I have JaS 10.4.6 as an .iso, and the computer I normally use doesn't have a DVD burner, so I was planning on putting it on my iPod, and then plugging into my other computer, which has a DVD burner. Well when I drag it into the iPod file, it says the disk is full. I've deleted all the songs off my iPod, and even restored it, but it still says it.

When I click on the 10.4.6 file, winrar opens up, and shows the files it contains. This is what confuses me. The biggest subfile in the file is 54kb, yet the entire winrar file is over 4 gb. (SEE PICTURES BELOW) Then, I clicked extract to>and navigated to my iPod. It completed that, but the files are still the small ones. Is this right? Where's the big files? And which one am I supposed to burn to the DVD anyways?



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