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How to Install SL 1062 on Toshiba NB100

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Fist off im sort of new here and i have tried in the past to do this and failed miserably !


following this is only for the net book {Toshiba NB100 Bios 2.10}


things you will need are:


External screen plugged into the back of the net book

USB external CD/DVDRom also plugged onto the net book

Hazard 10.6.2 DVD burned at 2.0 speed from a working machine (4.0 should be okay)


*i burned mine at 2.0 speed from windows using IMGBURN 2.5*


*i booted from the dvd pressing F8 and hitting "-x -f -v" with out the quotes*


when it came to it i checked off the following:


- Mac_OS_X_10.6.2


+Boot_Loaders_Intel_Only are :


- Chameleon_RC3_PCEFI_10.5


- Kernels are :


- Intel_Atom_10.2.0

+ Laptop_Support are:

- VoodooBattery

- VoodooPS2Trackpad


- SATA_ATA_Fix are:


+ Legacy_AHCI_SATA_Fix

+ LegactAppleIntelPIIXATA

+ IOATAFamily_Fix


-and finally SMBIOSResolver


make sure you do not have an external mouse or keyboard plugged onto the machine during setup that causes a KP :D , now to update it to 10.6.8


1. First thing you have to do is Disable Sleep in System Preferences, Click the Yellow light bulb, Move both sliders all the way to the right and Un-Check the two tick boxes.


2. Goto /System/Library/Extensions and delete the SleepEnabler.kext


3. Repair Permissions using the Disk Utility in the Application/Utilities folder.


4. Goto /System/Library and delete the Extensions.kextcache file at the bottom.


5. Next delete all the stuff inside the /Library/Caches folder and /System/Library/Caches folder


6. Reboot, Now you should be ready to apply the 10.6.8 Combo Update located in the link below.




For AMD and Intel patched kernel users, you need to install a new patched kernel 10.8.0 first before attempting this update.




job done now find kexts for screen audio and replace your wifi !

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Hello and ty for the guide but when my nb100 restart, after the installation ,it boot SL but I only see my screen all gray and it sounds a music . Do you know what could it happen ?

It may be the video drivers .

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@ Floti Yeah you need an external screen on the blue port at the back the VGA Port i mean...


@ Danca i cannot remember why whats up ?



Sorry for taking years to respond ! ive been in kogneeto* !


Tried kextsDOTcom ???????????


trying to add the files im using now but im not sure how to add attachments here : / ?


gave up in the end complete n00b FAIL on my part there :/


Kexts saved the day fer me here


See this lnk for screen kexts for you too 10.6.8 with these should work




change xx to tt and x to w

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