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Downloading from Newsgroups Corruption


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I am running on 10.4.6.


I have downloaded content from A.B.mac.applications and A.B.mac.osc.apps

(just to test the Hacintosh before I invest real money buying real software)


There is a lot of corruption (incomplete files) but there is enough par2 files to fix the bad files.


I try to fix on Hacintosh using MacPar Deluxe.

It says that it fixed all the errors but then Split&Concat bombs.

I check again with MacPar and I see the same checksum errors.


Or - the app is created to completion (a dmg file) but then when I try to install it it stops and does not install all the way.


Question - can I fix Mac files (downloaded form newsgroups) on a Windows machine using Quickpar?

Or is par system different between Windows and Mac?


Does MacPar work right on Intel Hacintosh?


What are your experiences?

Can you point me in the right direction?



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