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Midi clock timing problem on my hackintosh

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Hi Guys ,

I have some midi clock timing problem on my hackintosh:

After several test both software have the same problem, when you play the song for the first 4 bar it work well after it start to go out of time !!

I have make the same test on my macbook with the same midi chain and no problem !!

What can i do ?



My config is following :


Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5 x INTEL Skt 1366 DDR3

Cpu INTEL i7 930 Skt 1366 2,8GHz 4,8GT/s 8MB

Ram Corsair DDR3 12 GB

Video card MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX250

Case Fractal Design Define R2, Black Pearl

HD western digital 2 x500 gb and 2 x 1tb

Installation Method :Kakewalk

OSX 10.6.7


Please let me know if you have any idea for solving the problems

Thank you


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