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Zoostorm Freedom 10-270

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Netbook in question : http://www.zoostorm.com/Products/92-zoosto...-hd-laptop.aspx


Technical Specs (as far as im aware)

Atom N270


Intel 954GSE & ICH-7M

Ralink Wireless RT2860?/RT3090?

Intel GMA950


After many trial and errors and many reinstalls, I managed to get 10.6.0 retail installed with the help of NetbookInstaller 0.8.5pre (only one that allowed it to boot) even though it said it was not supported. I had to have the battery out though otherwise it would result in a kernel panic. I then used NetbookInstaller 0.8.4RC once on the desktop because it seemed to work better than NetbookInstaller 0.8.5pre (usb worked / graphics worked).


To get 1024x600 resolution i installed an older version of ScreenResX (3.8.6) as a trial, added the custom resolution, rebooted and uninstalled ScreenResX to get rid of the annoying pop up! There maybe a better way, i don't know.


I then installed VoodooBattery (after removing AppleACPIBatteryMonitor from /Extra/GeneralExtensions. This allowed me to use the thing with the battery in (no more KP's).


I then installed VoodooHDA (newest version) and sound was working (look for the iGain fix to stop that awful sound when you first install it).


Wireless you can get working using a mac driver from Ralinks website.


The only things i can tell that do not work are Speedstep and Sleep.


Speedstep is more important to me so i am asking for some help. I have tried installing VoodooPowerMini.kext but it KP. Google tells me that its not needed if you are using NetbookInstaller anyway. Well my speedstep doesnt work (checked with CPU-i and MSR Tools).


Anyone got any tips?

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