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5gHz wifi slow on i3, fine on C4Q

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I installed the Broadcom BCM94322MC Mini PCI-e Card 487330-001 ($20 eBay) using a PcIe-to-Mini-PCIe card (AMZN - $20) on both my Hackintoshes.


One is the Lifehacker GA-UD45-EP3 Core4Quad (overclocked to 3.6gHz + Coolermaster 212Plus CPU cooler) build; the other is a GA-H67M-D2-B3 build, stock i3 2100.


The goal was to get AirDrop working on both machines and it does. If you go this route specifiy the BRCM card exactly as above. The fix is OOB - no kexts needed.


Now, for the first time, I can run 5gHz wifi from my Airport Extreme on both. Mine is the older single band AEX so I have to switch it to '5gHz Only' using Airport Utility. When I do so, the speed on the EP45-UD3P is as good as or better as at 2.4gHz - some 11mBs download. However, the speed on the H67M-D2-B3 drops to 2mBs from a stock 10 mBs at 2.4gHz.


The speed on my iPad, MacMini and iPhone is fine at 5gHz, so the problem seems limited to the H67M-D2-B3 motherboard.


I would prefer to use 5gHz, as there's less interference there, but am stumped why the speed drops so much with the i3 Hackintosh, so I have to revert to 2.4gHz for all devices.


Any ideas would be welcomed.

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