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HP mini 110-3700

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Which version did you used? iDeneb v3 ? because i've searched for that version and i don't find it... maybe you mean version 1.5? it's the one with OSX 10.5.7.



I hope you've solved but, if don't, I want you suggest to use kalyway 10.5.2 for install a very basic version of osx on your old desktop partition and after follow mine tutorials on how to install snow leopard 10.6.8 on hp mini 110



I did download iDeneb v3... tried many versions of v3... I can't remember offhand but there were so many. I just had to stop for my own sanity. I'm going to pick it up again this weekend with another fresh install of ideneb v3. You can find it fairly easily on certain torrent sites.


1.5, osx 10.5.7, doesn't work with our minis I dont think. At least the Wifi card doesn't work, and I dunno about you but I need mine to work.

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I recommend you all dump iDeneb and move on. Try getting a retail version of snow leopard and using netbook installer. All you need is an 8gb pendrive, an existing osx installation of snow leopard or better (can even be osx86) and the retail dmg file. Worked like a charm for me so...

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I apologize for my English, I'm french and I have to improve my english :-) .

I tried to install Hackintosh on my HP mini 110c-1030ef but I had a big problem. The screen resolution is not tall enough. I can't click on "Next". Do you have an idea to fix this problem ?

I took a photo to illustrate my problem : http://imageshack.us...1224141448.jpg/

Thanks for your help !



EDIT : I tried with Ideneb 1.3

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