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[SL] Toshiba L770

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Hello guys!


I have this laptop system :


*Toshiba L770*

CPU : Core i5 2410M 2.30Ghz ( Sandy Bridge )

VGA : Nvidia GT525M




I have tried to install iAtkos S3 with success, but after the instalation i cant go into Snow Leopard.

I try all the commands : cpus= / busratio= / -v / -s / -x with no success.


Anyone with a similar system can help me ? i will try to capture the -v so you can see where the boot hangs.


Thanks in advance!!

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No one can give me a little help to make this hackintosh run ? Tks :thumbsup_anim:



the screenshot is not that helpful..


"No SMBIOS replacement" .. haven't seen that error before. Is it from OSX or from the bootloader ?


Do you have fakesmc in /Extra/Extensions or in /System/Library/extensions ? It is needed.


Do you have a SMBIOS.plist in /etxra/extensions ? You need one that halfway matches your hardware or is so generic that it will allow OSX to boot on it. If in doubt try macPro3,1 - iMac11,1 or for Laptops MacBookPro5,1


If you simply can't boot to the desktop you should remove all graphic kexts from /System/Library/Extensions, in your case all NVDA*.kext and all GeForce*.kext - this will log you in at 1024x768 vesa mode .


To remove or add kexts you will need to that on the commandline. boot into single user ( root ) mode :


arch=i386 ( or arch=x86_x64) -v -s


to force safe mode altogether : add the -x flag




/sbin/mount -uw /

and remove the troublesome kexts with :


rm -R Example_name.kext /System/Library/Extensions


and reboot


shutdown -r now


then reboot with the -f parameter, this loads the kexts new and skips using any caches left behind .

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Smartie77, thanks for your answer.


I have installed the iAtkos S3, and in costumize i haven't choose any options, i unticked all options.


For this hardware what is the installer options that i need to select in iAtkos costumize screen ? :


- Intel Core i5 2410m ( Sandybridge)

- 8Gb DDR3 1333Mhz

- 640Gb 7200 rpm

- Nvidia GT 525M 1Gb DDR3



I think that my problem is because i dont have choose any driver in installation.


Thanks in advance.

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