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SATA/IDE Problems Asrock 945GCM-S

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Hey, im chilean and i got problem with my motherboard think so.


My Pc


MB:Asrock 945GCM-S

HD:500GB partiotioned

processor: Intel DualCore

RAM: 1.5 gb

VIDEO: Nvidia 8series ( GeForce 8400GS)


Well in the spanish forum says that i can flash my bios with a folder that i downloaded. But Can i Flash my bios for it read my HD's like a AHCI? Can u guide me? Really, really want have a Mac xd but here in chile it has really xpensive :c, so i dont have another chance for a mac.



The Problem

When the instalation program comes to diskUtility, it recognizes my HD, but i can't do any formating, it lunch a error like that "something 'bout mediakit... Ilogical drive or something like that" i put properties, and a particion where i want install the macOs, says ATA drive, so i say "wow it doesn't change the bios configuration" i mean, drive in ATA when it should be AHCI.


Please please help !! Give a tutorial or something for can install some distro of MacOs


Greetings from chile.


Thanks !

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u can try bios-mods.net for them to unlock features in bios.. it also depends on ich7 chipset.

1.20 2/12/2009 DOS 521.28KB Patch Logitech USB illuminated Keyboard (LZ838BH).


4 x SATAII 3.0 Gb/s connectors (No support for RAID and "Hot Plug" functions)


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