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Chameleon doesnt work after being stupid, please help!

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Hey guys,

probably this have been questioned several times, but I didnt found a solution.


Ive two harddrives. Before installing Ubuntu, Chameleon worked without problems.

I made the mistake to not install GRUB to Ubuntus partition.

Then, Chameleon didnt worked anymore. So I deleted the Ubuntu Partition and reinstalled Chameleon manually,

I also installed Ubuntu again (with installing GRUB correctly).

- but no luck anymore.


I cant get Chameleon nor Ubuntu get to work.


My partition scheme looks like:




0: --- GUID_partition_scheme --- *500.1 GB --- disk0

1: --- EFI --- 209.7 MB --- disk0s1

2: --- Apple_HFS Snow Leopard --- 499.8 GB --- disk0s2

3: --- Apple_HFS untitled --- 133.2 MB --- disk0s3




0: --- FDisk_partition_scheme --- *500.1 GB --- disk1

1: --- Windows_NTFS System-reserved --- 104.9 MB --- disk1s1

2: --- Windows_NTFS Untitled --- 376.0 GB --- disk1s2

3: --- Linux UNTITLED --- 124.0 GB --- disk1s5



I dont know what to do anymore, I tried everything and read houndreds of threads, please help me ;)

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