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Samsung NB30 Touchscreen

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I am planning to try and install Mac OS X on my Samsung NB 30 touchscreen netbook.


Has anybody here had any success with hackintoshing this particular model?


I've found a video on youtube showing a hackintoshed NB30:

The author says he's got a problem with network cards, neither WiFi nor ethernet works. I've read here: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2008/10/hackintosh-upda/ an article about a similar problem with a different netbook which was solved by replacing the wifi card with a Mac OS X compatible one, Dell Wireless-N DW 1500 mini PCI. I actually checked on ebay and there was a used card like that available for £3 so I bought it, even though I wasn't really sure I would be able to use it with my NB30. On the official Samsung's NB30 spec page it says the WiFi is 802.11bg/n (MIMO)*Wireless LAN I tried to read a bit about the wifi cards business but frankly I'm confused with the various standards/sizes of slots, etc.


Can anybody please share his/her experience with NB30? That would be much appreciated.




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Hi all,


An update. I have replaced the original wifi card in my Samsung NB30 with a used

DELL DW1397 BCM94312HMG A/B/G Wireless HALF WIFI Card

I bought on eBay for £3,60 including delivery...

Then I restored a Snow Leopard Retail DVD on a 8Gb USB stick, run the Netbook Installer on it and installed it. It works! The rather minor problems I found are:


1. Not able to boot directly from hard drive. But booting from the installation usb stick and choosing from the boot menu the partition where I installed the system works all right. After the system is up I can unmount the USB stick.


2. Sound card doesn't work.


Apart from that everything is cool. Interestingly, tapping the touchscreen works like a left click, that's all I can do with the touchscreen, but then, of course, I don't care about the touchscreen, really.


Unfortunately, after approximately 5 hours of joy the wifi card died... Was it just bad luck? I don't know. Perhaps switching the netbook off and on repeatedly while trying to resolve the boot from hd issue was bad for the card? No idea.


Anyway, I just ordered another wifi card and I'm waiting for the delivery...




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