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Late-2005 PowerMac G5 mod - how easy is it?

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Hi all,


Looking for some advice around this, if anyone can lend a helping hand!


It seems most of you doing G5 mods source the pre- late-2005 towers, as all of the advice and tutorials are based around this. However, I think I may have found a relatively cheap faulty late-2005 G5, and was wondering if it'd be worth taking the plunge and buying this one, or to hold out and wait for a cheaper earlier model.


From reading around, it seems the only issue I'll run into is mapping the connections on the different front I/O board, but there's a couple of threads that do provide pin-out diagrams for this that I should be able to utilise.


Is there anything else different on a late-2005 G5 that I've missed?


Should be worth noting that although I have an understanding of PC hardware, I've never done a PC build from scratch before, and will be relying on hardware suggestions from other users and tonymac86's 'customac' systems for sourcing my components. I've never done any hacking or soldering of PC components before either, but I feel confident in doing so providing I've got diagrams and thorough instructions to guide me through it.


If anyone can recommend any hints or tips for doing this I'd be ever so grateful. I'll be updating this thread once I've got my case and components so I can document it all and give something back to the community. I just want to do all my ground-work first and make sure I'm not going to be wasting money anywhere!


Thanks guys,


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From what I understand the back panel is slightly different - the use of two ethernet ports instead of one. I am not sure of much beyond that.


I know one person talked about producing plug in fan adapter cables and I look forward to seeing those available.

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