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iMac 2007 24"- no sound after HD change

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I had to change the HD in my 2007 Al iMac 24". I ended up removing the LCD screen entirely to get the HD out. It all seemed OK but now I have no sound input or output. I must have made a cable mistake, but I can't figure out which one is incorrect. All else seems fine, but there is no sound in or out (dimmed in the menu and preferences) and plugging in headphone to the back port also gives no sound output. Can anyone tell me where I messed up? Disassembly is enough of a pain that I want to be sure what I am going in to fix.

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I sussed it out. It turned out that the Migration Assistant moved several kexts from the TM backup onto the Mac (I hadn't expected that as I only asked it to move user data and applications). It turned out that HDAEnabler.kext was turning off the iMac sound input and output channels. I wish I had figured this out before I disassembled it again and convinced myself there was no hardware problem.

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