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HP dv6 3183 iATKOS S3 v2 WIFI and USB doesn't work

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Hello! This is my first post and first of all I want to thank you all because this page has helped me since I started with my hackintosh hp.


I achieve running correctly (more or less) the dual boot with iATKOS S3 V2 hackintosh (uploaded to 10.6.7) and Windows 7 64 bits.


I hace an HP DV6 3183 es


What works:


- Power up

- Mouse usb

- Mousepad

- DVD Reader


What doesn't work:


- Wi-Fi (the most important)

- USB (the system recognize those but tells me that can't be mount)

- Card Reader

- Graphic Card



Well, about the Wi-Fi, my Everest says that I have the Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter and I have installed the IO80211Family.kext but it doens't work.


And about the USB, as I said before when I open the Disk Utility the USB is there, but when I try to mount it, there is a problem message which says: You can't mount it, try to verify and repair the disk, or something similar.


It doens't mind in which system did I format the USB, and I also installed the Tuxera and the Paragon NTFS Utilities, but it doen't work any way.


About the Card Reader I try to install the IOSDHCIBlockDevice.kext but it doen't work.



And the last thing is the graphic Card. It is an ATI Radeon HD 5650 1 GB. I know that this card is not supported yet, so I think that the only thing I can do about it is wait for the 10.7



By the way, as my graphic card doen't work yet, I want my hackintosh for iPhone development so it is important to have Internet to be able to search my problems and i also need the USB to transfer my works to another computers.



I don't know if it could help you to help me, but I installed in Windows the MacDrive8 which allows me to transfer archives from Windows to Mac.



Any help will be appreciated.

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