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How to play MAME games on my hackintosh Laptop or Netbook

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How to play MAME Games on your Hackintosh Laptop or Netbook

First of all, please accept my apologies cause my English level is very very poor. I hope you can understand every step clearly, if you have any doubt please feel free to post.

Why my favorite mame emulator for mac wont work with my Hackintosh?
Easy, real MacBooks uses a USB based keyboard and the emulator doesn't work with ps2 keyboards.
So… you can open the emulator, open games but keyboard isn't recognized, basically you cant play!. One very stupid solution is simply plug a USB keyboard to your netbook… but is not very comfortable. (AT ALL)


Download the SDL 1.2 framework from here (MacOs Version)
Copy SDL.Framework to the /System/Library/Frameworks folder

Download SDLMAME for mac from here
and extract it somewhere

Then download mametunes from here
Now, move the sdl mame folder into the mametunes folder

Open mametunes application. Go to preferences, and in the MAME menu point to the sdlmame folder in the sdlmame Select button.
In the same window, go to the SDLMAME menu and select OpenGL in the Video mode rolldown menu.
Now lets add some games. First download a few from any rom site.
Create a new folder called Roms into the mametunes folder and place the previously downloaded rom zips (don't extract them) inside.
Go back to the mametunes preferences window and to the MAME options and add the roms folder in the Roms Folder List section.
Now go to the SETUP options and choose Export MAME Rom List
This process could take some time, so relax and wait.
Ok, now import the generated file by pressing Import MAME Rom List, and in the import options choose as TEXT instead of XML.
Once the process finished you should see on your mametunes a log list of "possible games".

Search yours in the list or use the spotlight on the application and start playing!


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Links updated, grammar fixed

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