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Excessive Logging on Mac OSX 10.7 Lion: Repair the Keychain to solve the issues

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since i was pulling my hair out on this one, i wanted to share my findings with strange console.app messages that slowed down my 10.7 lion system:


if you find sandboxd or WebProcess to occupy large parts of your CPU power, check your console.app messages and search for something similar to this:


"WebProcess(225) deny file-read-data /Users/foobert/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/com.adobe.amp.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1/ PrivateEncryptedDatak"


repairing the keychain will fix this issues, as outlined on a blog entry from me.


i found out, that most of the OSX 10.7 Lion upgrades seem to have issues with the keychain, so repairing the keychain might be a good idea, even if you don't have the issues described. i had keychain issues on three updated lion computers myself.

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thanks. I include it in my ( hackintosh ) guide for general Lion "tweaks". ( It eats so much power that every fix is welcomed ) -


I personally am convinced that i386 kernel mode + apps in 32bit mode and a tamed spotlight indexing scheme will do wonders for the "hot cpu" issues we all see. Apple hid the Users Lion Library for a reason : the versions and saved apps state are in there - and the problem is that spotlight constantly tries to re-index every change in this locations, so excluding them might come handy.

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This issue was vexing me too, and no amount of repairing the keychain (or deleting these entries) would make it go away. Everytime I'd launch any Adobe AIR app, the problem would immediately return.

And I believe it was caused a huge speed slowdown, extra heat and overactive fan action on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro (2.66 Ghz Intel Core i7 with 8 GB of RAM, otherwise clean install of OS X 10.7.)


Anyway, I came across this post with a purported hack to fix it:





I'm not keen to try this just yet... but would be curious to hear details if anyone else gives it a go. In the meantime I have just uninstalled Adobe AIR and will anxiously await the release of OS X 10.7.2.

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