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Orinoco Gold OR Prism2 OR D-Link DWL-650+

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Hi guys,


i've been reading and trying Wireless for 3 days now. The following is my Problem:


I recently had FreeBSD on my Notebook which worked quite well except for that i want to work instead of fixing my System all day so my nearest choice was MacOS X. Now i got 10.4.7 JAS and everything works except of the Wireless PCMCIA Cards!


I have:

- Lucent Orinoco Gold

- Netgear MA401 (Prism2)

- D-Link DWL-650+ (PrismGT i think)


Well i can't manage to any of this one to work. It may be because all of the guides are mixed up :)

One tells you to copy some Files from 10.4.5 and others tell you to take WirelessDriver.sourceforge.net.


The Real Problem is that i fly to the US on Saturday :D I want to use my Laptop there with MacOS X instead of reinstalling it with FreeBSD ;)


Can anyone tell me what is the right way to install one of those cards? :)


Thanks! :)

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