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USB Dongle DRM in virtualization

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I'm thinking of moving one of my family members over to a Mac from a PC running XP. This person has a single application that is windows only and requires a USB DRM dongle to run the program.


I hope to use VMware Fusion or Parallels to allow the person to access the program through virtualization. However, I worry that there may be extra complications related to getting the USB DRM dongle to work in virtualization.


I believe that it should theoretically work once I assign the usb port to the virtual machine.


I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of setup (USB DRM dongle) in a virtualization environment, and whether VMWare or Parallels would be better suited for this type of application.


Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac to try this on before I purchase the machine and required software.


Thanks for your help/comments!

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Hey Ottsk,


I have a windows application that uses a hasp4 usb dongle.

Couple of years ago I tried Parallels and it would crash because of the USB device.

I don't remember having any issues in Fusion. Can't really give you any more info than that, it was long ago sorry.

They may have changed it now(I'm sure they have). There are lots of programs that use this protection.

Perhaps you could call or email support and ask?


Good Luck!

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