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Buying a netbook, reccomendations?

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Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have the same question? When I can afford to buy a mac, I am going for the Mac Book Pro. Until then, I will run a hackintosh. I physically broke my screen on my Acer 532h which everything worked with exception of Bluetooth an SD card reader.


According to the outdated charts, it looked as if Asus had the most with 100% compatibility. Though they most the how to's were not able to be found any longer.


My desire is for a atom proc n550 or n570 (dual core w/64 bit). My acer used the intel 3158 (???) vid card which worked ok, but I am leaning towards trying the nVidia ION. Has there been much success with that? Most of the new Asus netbooks are running sata. Is there any compatibility issues? If at all possible, I would like bluetooth an a real nice result would be with SD card.


Even though many docs said to get wifi working I needed to replace card in my 532h, I got it to work by setting arch=i386 an driver installs. What experience have other had with wifi an network?



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If you find a netbook with an actual supported QE/CI video card, let us know.


Even an Intel X3100 would do.


Mostly all of the netbooks fall short due to less that perfect video drivers. You can get around WiFi and Ethernet issues with USB or internal replacements, but there's not much you can do about Video.



I have a Acer Inspire One D260 (no, I'm not recommending it). It runs quite well, 10.6.7 with a Vanilla-ish 64 bit kernel (with a few bytes modified to allow Atom support). It has a multi-touch pad which is nice, sound works, ethernet works, wireless you have to replace the card, and no QE/CI so fancy programs like "Preview" work.


Geekbench score of ~ 948 ... (hell, it was $340 at wallmart, sue me)

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I'm running 10.6.8 with sound, wifi, eth, bt, full QE/CI. HP Mini 1151NR w/ Intel Atom N270.

The only thing that really sucks is the processor is 32-bit only so no Lion for me (´Д` )

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