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10.6.8 with the MaxPower Newer Technology wireless dongle

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My Hackintosh is the Adam Pash Gigabyte EP45-UD3P version. The update from 10.6.7 to 10.6.8 broke wireless with my MaxPower Newer Technology dongle which uses the Ralink wireless utility.


I found that Ralink's site has an updated driver here.


It took two installations before it installed properly and after a restart all works well again.


I prefer the dongle to my TPLink TL-851N internal card, whose Atheros chip emulates an Airport card after installing AtherosFix.kext. The dongle is, on average, 80% faster on downloads than the TPLink card. By the way, 10.6.8 also breaks TPLink wireless and to restore it you need to replace System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Apple80211Monitor.bundle with the version from 10.6.7 - drag and drop is fine.


The Ralink utility no longer dumps an ugly icon in your dock, opting for a discreet one in the menu bar. Add your network to the Profile section and wireless will come on automatically after a restart.

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