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Finally about after nearly a year building this thing, i was been told to make a pic or two of my hack..


Current Ingredients:


MSI h55m-ed55

Core i5-750 under Zalman CNPS10x Performa (Push: Nanoxia PWM Pull: Thermaltake ISGC)

4GB DDR3 Kingston

Saphire Radeon 5850 Extreme under my ol thrusty Arctic Cooling Silencer rev2 (2x Scythe Slipstream Slim 100mm)

600W Enermax ripped and glued in Original G5 Psu Box, cooled by 2x Noiseblocker PK-3 60mm Fans

Silverstone 18cm System Cooling Fan

2x 1 TB Seagate cooled by PAPST NG.. Temp Variated

60 GB extrememory 2,5" SSD

DVD-RW Drive


Fan and Temperature Control achhieved with

T-Balancer by mCubed


Whole Case lit up by many white LEDs, also on underside


Have fun:





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