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680i + 10.6.7 = WORKING with QE/CI + SOUND, Some Questions....

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So I had my old EVGA 680i Chipset NF-68-AR board and a BFG 7800GTX just laying around with a E6600 and some ram and a spare 1TB drive and decided to try and make it work. Sat at the computer for 16 ours straight, re-wrote plists, researched kexts, re-installed about 10 times, rebooted at least 150 times. Used a USB flash drive for the install.


I can post all my kexts and bootlists if anyone wants them...


Installed from a USB 8GB Flash drive that had a lifehacker's bootloader and 10.6.3 Retail DVD that I ripped. Booted with BIOS settings that were in one of the main threads on here. After installation, and update combo to 10.6.7, I did not reboot and ran [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. After reboot kept getting kernel panics. Plugged the drive into my Macbook Pro and reinstalled a bunch of kexts the update had deleted, including the nullCPU and fakeSMC and some others.


After this I booted the drive with the 680i and booted with flags -v -f . the -f tells leopard to re-create extensions files. You should do this every time you install a new kext. I did not know this and that is why it took me so much time. Repairing permissions is important!!!!!


NVEnabler64 worked for me. I'm running in 32-bit mode and it works fine. QE/CI is working well- have my 24inch dell and 42inch SONY both running at 1080P with one playing a movie. This performs better than a MacPro! It's unbelievable.



Here are my 2 questions:

1) Boot takes a while. Probably about 1:20 minutes. In verbose I can see a lot of things running, some waiting. Is there any way to print out a log of the kexts used during startup, so I can delete the un-needed ones?


2) I have an optical out on the 680i as well as regular 1/8in output. The 1/8inch output works great. However, the optical audio does not even have a red light lit up, where one usually is in windows. It is definitely not sending a signal, but it works fine when booted into windows. Any thoughts? I'm using VoodooHDA.

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I have the exact same board almost. An EVGA 680i SLI NF-68-AR. I would love to have a list of plists and kexts if possable. This would help me alot as i've been trying for about two days with different steps here and there and still can't get it to boot. WIll install fine, just won't boot.

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@ dcbartlett


See here......:)

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