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Stuck on boot0:done

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My computer is getting stuck on boot0:done.


The weird part is it used to work great. I haven't installed, uninstalled or changed anything, but this morning when I tried to start it up, it got stuck on

boot0: test

boot0: done



I've tried reinstalling chameleon (including newer and older builds) and reflagging the partition as active with no success.


I've installed Leopard on a different partition and it boots fine with Chameleon v1, but as soon as I install Chameleon rc2 on either partition it gets stuck on boot0: done, or just a blank screen with the blinking cursor.


I can't use Chameleon v1 for Snow or Lion.

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If you have any mac os x DVD with Chameleon on it. Try to boot from CD and then on Boot screen select your hard drive partition and if you can get in. Install latest Chameleon on your partition.


Hopefully it works.

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