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Is there another "alternative Installer" like Pacifist?

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I got following problem: Well, as the OS X Application Installer freezes (just showing the rotating wheel icon)

I tried to fix that problem using Pacifist. It works fine for all programms except VirtualPc7. Does anybody

of you guys may know another way? Is there some kind of "alternative Installer" available?

I've been searching for a while, but could't find any solution.



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Thanks! Well got Paralells runing... just one little detail: I get following messenge when starting paralells or

try starting a virtual machine...


Attention! The configuration file .parallels_common_options, which contains common Parallels Desktop options, was not found or is not accessible in the application's home directory /usr/lib/parallels and therefore it has been created locally. It cannot be placed in the application's home automatically since the current user does not have appropriate access permissions to write to the target directory.

Please close the Parallels Desktop now and copy the file /Users/xxx/.parallels_common_options to the application's home directory manually.


I exactly did that... but I'm stil getting the same message :laser:

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