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[Guide] Dell XPS 15 L502X (Early 2011) Snow Leopard Install (possibly L702x too)

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@whitegerry, have you got any post or guide for it? I have a L701x and I was able to install and make Yosemite works fine, while with El Capitan I had some problems with USB 3.0 and graphics (Nvidia 455).


Thanks in advance for the reply!


I haven't wrote any post for a long time.


1. My usb3.0 just work as 2.0 but they still work fine after waking the laptop up. You need to check the section about usb definition in the fakesmc.kext.

2. I set Mac-C3EC7CD22292981F as Board-ID and inject my own EDID.


The attachment is for EI Capitan and Sierra with the clover version 3811:

XPS15 L501X for EI Capitan & Sierra.zip

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Hello everyone, I have a dell XPS L502x (Core i7-2630QM, 8GB ram, Nvidia GT540M, 500GB HDD). I had successfully installed Mac OS X Lion way back in 2012 (with help from this forum and other websites) and dual booted it along side windows 7 on my dell xps. Most of the things were working back then. The display worked at native resolution, audio worked, Intel HD3000 worked, WiFi worked(changed wifi chip), USB 2.0 worked (I forgot USB 3.0 was working or not), track pad without multi-touch worked, battery worked. So basically it was working fine.


But the biggest concern for me was the Nvidia GT540M not working. I had planned to do some photo and video editing and I needed the extra performance of the Nvidia chip. Since the Nvidia chip was not supported, I just played around with the OS X for a week and then uninstalled it, switching back to only windows 7. Then I bought myself a new Macbook Pro 15 and have been using it until it went bad some months back. The 'backlit' chip located on the motherboard had gone bad and the repair was too costly so I did not consider repairing it.


I'm thinking of reinstalling mac OS on the xps, but only if it supports the Nvidia graphics card. I have read some recent pages of this topic but could not find a clear indication whether Nvidia chip is supported or not. So, anyone with working Nvidia chip (525M or 540M) please let me know. Thanks.

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Hello is there anyone here to help me instal MacOS os my l702x?

I am able to give some value for that.

Kind regards Alex

Answer here or let me know tdu email. lucznik@outlook.com

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