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Partial/Non-Boot Camp Win7 x64 SP1

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MacBookPro 5,5

C2D P8400


I created my windows partition using Boot Camp, but I learned my DVD drive was busted when working on installing Windows 7 SP1 x64.


So I went through the process of doing two things 1) installing refit to use as a bootloader and to enable me to boot up from a bootable USB stick, 2) created an NTFS bootable USB stick with Windows 7 SP1 x64 install media on it.


Then I was able to install Windows 7 SP1 x64 to the Fat32 partition Boot Camp created.


So right off there were some driver issues, I was able to resolve the graphics (nVidia 9400M) and audio (Cirrus Logic CS42006A) driver issues (by installing them, lol.).


Here's where the frustration sets in.


After much searching I found that I can extract all of the drivers I need out of the Boot Camp 3.2 update for Windows x64, which supports Windows 7 x64.


After that I did some sorting through some of the related files to infer which group of drivers were meant to be installed on Windows 7 x64.





It was information within the '!_StringData' file that tipped me off by making multiple references to Win7 x64.


From there I proceed to install the following driver to get the Magic Trackpad to work;




Guess what?


It doesn't work. To be specific; I can use the trackpad to move the mouse, and I can left mouse click, I can do literally nothing else. Before you ask, I am familiar with this macbook pro and it's features, I've been using this thing for over a year with OS X Snow Leopard 10.6+. So I know about the finger combos/swipes/etc and I can assure you nothing else works. No key combinations with clicks on the trackpad allow me to 'right mouse click' in Windows 7 SP1 x64.


I would honestly be satisfied with so little as just being able to right-click somehow, even if the solution doesn't come from getting this device to actually function - although it would be really amazing if I could get the trackpad to work regardless. :)


I've restarted, reinstalled, uninstalled, re-uninstall-restarted every which way you can possible imagine combining the combination of those actions through a fit of frustration to make sure I wasn't installing the driver wrong in some subtle or odd way - I just had nothing else to do either, I'm frankly tired of reinstalling the driver. This is some kind of analogy to me bashing my head in to my desk repeatedly expecting something to suddenly work. :|


So ... what did I miss in all of this?


I really hope someone out there can help me, I'm dieing to be able to sit on my couch and work on some software without having to awkwardly work with my mouse on soft surfaces. ;)





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