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Acer Aspire One D150 Sleep Fix

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Hi all


I successfully installed iATKOS v7 using this guide, but after reading through it, i found no fix for the sleep issue. I'm now running 10.5.8 with the Legacy 10.5.7 kernel and have tried many fixes, but none worked. When I click sleep, or it sleeps automatically, it will shut off as if going to sleep, but then turn back on and will not respond; the screen remains black. I have to then restart. Any advice?

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Nope. It didn't work.


EDIT: I read somewhere that sleep may work with AppleIntelCPUPM loaded, but I can't get it loaded with the Atom n270. Is there a way to get it loaded with my processor? (Even if I get a KP because it loaded, at least it's progress.)


I also read that it would work with Voodoo Power/USBEHCI loaded and SleepEnabler. But I get a "couldn't alloc class voodooUSBEHCI" I read that it can be fixed by adding it's dependency to IOUSBFamily, but the guide link is dead.


Any Ideas?

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