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LaCie Combo (PCMCIA)


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I installed a LaCie Combo Firewire/USB PCMCIA card in my computer this morning. I installed the drivers, clicked restart, and upon reboot I was faced with what looked like a kernel panic (something telling me to restart the computer in a few different languages). So, I restarted the computer, and the same thing happen upon every succession.


I managed to boot up in to Safe Mode, install the drivers again (I just ran the installer again), and then tried a normal boot, which was successful.


Upon testing the firewire buss, it seems a little temperamental. At one point, the device I have connected to it dropped out. I had to eject and re-enter the PCMCIA card again in order to recover from it.


I've noticed a new little icon on the Finder bar, which is displaying that I have a PCMCIA card in the slot. When I click on it, I get a menu with a list of items; Unknown Vendor, USB Controller, and Power off Card. Shouldn't it state LaCie here, instead of Unknown Vendor?


Does anybody have any clues as to how I can resolve this? If needed, how would I uninstall the drivers for the card? Where will they be stored on the system? Is there a hardware installer/uninstaller application hidden in OS X, at all?




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