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wanna try osx on my laptop


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hey dudes




I finally have the guts to try MacOS but now I run into the next problem.


I have downloaded a MacOS patched DVD (I know it's not legal..but if I can get it to work and I like it, I will buy), I boots, goes into the installer but as soon as I go to the disk utility, it doesn't see my hdd.


I am trying to install in on a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M3438G laptop which runs on a pentium M 735 CPU. It has 2GB of DDR2 mem and atm I have a 160GB Hitachi S-ATA drive installed.

it runs on an intel 915PM chipset


I also tried a WD Scorpio 250GB harddrive, but noluck.


I heard I had to set the drivemode to IDE or AHCI, but my bios does NOT let me.


Is it even possible to install MacOS to my laptop?

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IMHO, I wouldn't even attempt to try. That old chipset will not work, and it's not SATA per say, it's IDE HDD with a proprietary connector, so it's still IDE, hence you dont have the option to set your HDD to AHCI on bios.

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