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iMac G3 - Tiger Installation problem.

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Im the owner of an old iMac G3. It have 400MHz/FireWire/SlotLoadin and 256+128RAM. I think is good enough to install Tiger 10.4 but when i start computer with "c" installation boot and hang on at apple gray logo. At the moment on da computer exist MacOS 9.2, its very old and full of rubbish thats why i want to install Tiger.


Iv tried DVD version and its doesnt work probably its bad image or somethin wrong with CRC dunno. Also tried CD version (4cd) and on this one i got problem wha presented upper.


Somebody know whats wrong? even i cant run installation in verbose mode so got no log. Its just freze before circle belown the logo start rotate. Hard Drive dont makin any noise but DVD drive loadin somethin and after few seconds stop do that. Dunno what to do, maybe its a dvd device problem or compact disc, but when i put in cd on tha system then it workin very well but still cant install it from this point because the problem of select installation disc.


Thanks for anserw.

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search for XPostFacto and try that... don't know if your iMac is supported


good luck

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