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glowing apple mod

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Today i decided that i wanted to mod my hp dv9000 while it was apart, i have been preparing to vinyl wrap my laptop again in a different colour, anyway i decided to start on cutting out a apple logo. the cut out took a bit of time and a dremel, i am happy to say that went really well. so i tested it to see if it would glow and yes it did due to the back light. this may be something you guys have already done or maybe are hoping to do. its fairly easy just mark it out and cut it away and sand the edges. i will post the pics sorry for the poor quality, this is partly to do with the fact i have not got the correct sand paper right now. i have a lid of a mac book coming so i can take the clear apple insert to produce a more professional job. and in the worst case i can use car body filler to sort out the gaps.




future mods that i will be sorting is the retrofit of a hd Panasonic webcam.


then a full hardware spec upgrade

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yeah i was not to hard to do i have a lot of dremal experience because i used to restore classic cars, and im only 20 ha ha. im just waiting on the official apple insert to arrive however i got a bit caried away and wanted to test it so i re asembled it. it will take me a little time before i can take pics. anyway this pales in comparison to my latest mod that i will be explaining shortly. and its a good one!



after all that i still need to vinyl wrap it again.


yeah this was inspired by the msi wind. and the lcd apple from edds junk website








please look at webcam retro fit topic for pics of the finished entire laptop its quite unique

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