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Selective Play/Pause for VLC and iTunes with AppleScript

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I have 5 button mouse, and i currently using one button for play/pause the music in iTunes (with USB Overdrive app). But sometimes i'm using VLC (i don't want scre up my music library with lot of s*it), and because i can assign AppleScript to the mousebuttons in USB Overdrive, i want to write an script wich checking wich program running currently. If iTunes, then it will tell play/pause to iTunes, but when VLC running it will tell to play/pause to VLC.


Here is the working code:


on run {input, parameters}
 return input
end run

on idle	
set x to isAppLoaded("VLC")
 if x then tell application "VLC" to play --valid parameters: play, next, previous
if set x to isAppLoaded("iTunes")	
 if x then tell application "iTunes" to playpause --valid parameters: playpause, next, previous
end if
end idle

on isAppLoaded(app_name)	
tell application "System Events"
set app_list to every application process whose name is app_name
if the (count of app_list) > 0 
then set x to true		
else set x to false		
end if	
end tell	
return x
end isAppLoaded


Save the 3 script (play-pause, next, previous) as application, and assign it to the mouse buttons with USB Overdrive.


Have fun!


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