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8gb causing shutdowns/KP


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Hello guys,





I've managed to get OSX running (almost) fine on my P.C. Using iPortable SL 10.6.2. Cloned to HDD and booting up fine with no arguments. The only modifications I've done is install the ATi 6XXX package to get my graphics card working properly.


However, the problem I'm having when booting both from HDD or USB is that, anything over 4GB of RAM is causing the system to shutdown with no errors shortly after selecting the device from the bootloader. With arguments I get a KP "panic pmap_steal_memory"@/SOURCECACHE.."


Memory is Kingston HyperX 2000 2GB modules. Mobo is Asrock X58 Xtreme 3. Tried a number of arguments including -force64, -s, -x, etc. The only results I've got are either a KP at different stages, or an instant shutdown


Sorry if I've missed something whilst searching, the results have been quite broad.








Tried using max_valid_dma_addr= and setting it to the amount 8090 (whatever the bootloader is saying), mach_kernel (using an i7) and -force64. same problem ;)

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Got it working for anyone else with the same issue. Being a massive OSX lowbob I didn't realise it was running in 32bit mode. Set it to 64 following this guide:




Didn't have to set any boot flags except for mach_kernel (even though it's set in the boot file, my desktop would just freeze)

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