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Installing Snow Leopard on Compaq CQ10-405DX

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I have a Compaq CQ10-405DX that I have been puzzling over on how to make into a hackintosh.


I have researched high and low to find a thread or discussion topic about this particular model but have found none.


The good news? I was able to install SL! *yay*


The bad news? I could not get it to boot on its own...I have to use a D620slv.iso from that particular thread to get it to start up, in safe mode only.


I tried following the mymacnetbook guide but didnt have a mac or a huge memory stick to follow the first few steps.


However, I did find OSX Mechdrew's instructions - I could not get NCD to boot my retail SL DVD (10.6.3)


So...I took the HD out and used another hackintosh to install using snow universal 10.6.0. It looked promising - it just didnt boot by itself - it needs the D620slv disk (on bootup it says its chameleon v2.0-RC3 r658) in -x -v boot configuration.


When you get to the login in screen it takes a minute or two before if its able to read and keyboard inputs. It will react to the touchpad but not to mouse key presses.


Once in - I used the included program to install chameleon but it still would not boot by itself.


I dont want to make this my peronal blog, but hopefully if I get to a point where I can have this thing self load, there is a record of how it was done.


If somebody's already gone and did theirs - please let me know. I would love to delete this thread and follow somebody else's instructions. I have NO coding skills at all - I just try to follow along with what I read.

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