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Help remove DSDT file damage please?

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I was playing around with injecting my graphic card details into a dsdt file and copied the new dsdt.aml file to the root of the drive and the /extra folder. Next thing I know it was a failure and I had no picture.. so i rebooted into another installation and deleted the extensions.mkext file too that was in the extra/extension folder. Then ran pfix. Rebooted and it didn't work!


Cloning the good installation onto another partition on that affected drive fixed it. Sort of...


Was wondering whats going on?


I'm a semi noob when it comes to kexts but I'm trying to learn..


Thank you.

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When experimenting like this, it's good practice to name your work-in-progress DSDT test.aml.


Then type DSDT=test.aml at the boot prompt to load it in place of DSDT.aml. If you do nothing, your DSDT.aml will auto load as usual.

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